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How To Create Unhosted Splash Pages

There are times that I have made splash pages for various sites of mine and others that do not have the ability to add that splash pages within the actual sites.  Traffic Exchanges have the script that allows you to add your splash pages in the site’s promotionals.  Not all sites have that option.  I am going to show you how to create unhosted splash pages.

Create the Splash Page:

First, go in and create your splash page in the same software that you have in the past. Save it as a gif, jpg, png whatever you have done before.

Then take this splash page and upload it into the cpanel of the site you want to represent, or if you Do Not have a cpanel, upload it into a site where you do.

Go to Images > Upload > then go down, find the splash page > Click on it > Go over to the right of this window , you will see the full Url, Click On It . Your Splash Page will show in the Cpanel’s browser window.  Go to the browser window and copy this Url and paste it into a notepad.

Turn It Into Html:

At this point, you will need an Html Editor.  There are many available – I have posted links to a few if you do not have one. Or if you know someone who has one, ask to use theirs.  I personally use KompoZer.

Open your Html Editor. KompoZer always shows a “Tip for the Day”, just click close.  Click on the “Table” icon at the top of your html editor’s toolbar.  When it opens there are three tabs, choose “Precisely”, then Choose 1 Column, 1 Row.  You can put in the width of your splash page if you wish, but you don’t have to, the table will adjust.

Click OK

You will see your table on the screen.  Go to “Format” on the Toolbar and choose “Table Cell Properties”. Click on the Tab for “Table” > half way down in that window you will see “Table Alignment” – change that to Center, then Click “Apply”, then “OK”

Your Table is now Centered on your Work Area Screen.

Go Back into “Table Cell Properties”.  The Default Setting is the “Cell” tab – go over to the Right You’ll see “Content Alignment” Choose Vertical as “Top” and Horizontal as “Center”.  Click “Apply” and “OK”.

When you click inside your table in the work area, your cursor should be centered.

On the Top Bar, click on the “Image” Icon – A window will open. Now, copy and paste that Url that you got from the cpanel into “Image Location”.

Be sure and click the box for “Don’t Use Alternate Text” that is a a little further down – then click OK

Your Splash page will appear in your work area!

Your cursor should be just to the right of your splash page image.  – Hit return to bring it down just below the image. (sometimes you might not see the cursor flashing in order to find it. So just click over on the bottom side of the splash page and you’ll see it.)

Type in “Join Us” or whatever you wish to put in.  You can change the font and color if you wish also.

Then “highlight your text” and go up to the “Link” Image on your toolbar, type in or copy and paste the Url to the site you want people to visit.  “The Target Url.  Example: http://ellensdesigns.ellenthorp.com/

Then Save your work – give it a name and it will be saved as an Html document!

Quick Note: Once you have saved the file, in your html editor Go To File then Choose Browse Page.  Have your browser open when you do this.  Your page will show on the browser.  It should look the way you want it and the link you put in for Join Us or whatever works and takes you to the site. Nifty huh!  If you need to make any changes, now is the time to do it.  Just collapse your browser and make any changes you wish, Save Again and View it Again!

Go Back to your cpanel, and upload this file!

Go down and find it, click on it, click on the url to your right and grab the url that will appear in your browser that your cpanel opens the image in.  You can also check and make sure the splash was done properly and it is centered.

Once you have the Url, you are set to go!  Just plaster it everywhere!

I hope this has helped you with How To Create Unhosted Splash Pages.  If you have questions, please feel free to email me, I’d be glad to help you out.


Here are a few links to some html editors, but go ahead and search for one that you’d like to use:

Page Spinner for Mac
KompoZer for Mac
KompoZer for PC

A Good Image Speaks Volumes!

I wanted to touch on images briefly.  I can not emphasize enough how very important it is to have a good quality image on your splash pages. A good image speaks volumes and you’d better believe it.

Poor Quality – Poor Impression

Have you ever looked around and seen really bad splash pages?  Images are blurred, out of focus or surrounded by so much busy that it goes totally unnoticed?  I have and it’s really too bad because it’s not necessary.  I saw a splash page the other day, the idea was wonderful!  the problem was, it was totally out of focus!  It did not give a great representation for the business.

You know the old adage – first impressions are everything!  Well, it’s true with splash pages as well.  If you have a really lousy image for whatever reason, people viewing this page are going to believe that you don’t really care very much about your business or your site.

Choosing an Image

When you are searching around for that perfect image to represent your business , it’s really easy to fall into some traps along the way.  You find an image that you feel is exactly what you are looking for, but there’s a big drawback – the image is very small!  So, you go into your imaging software and enlarge the image!  The problem is, this particular image was created to be small!  When you bring it beyond the pixels that it was intended for – your image is going to blur and blur in a big way.  Don’t use it – keep looking, you will find something else.  Just don’t sacrifice quality for something you just happen to like.

The Text Is Taking Over

Splash pages are seen for a very brief time.  As the majority of splash pages are used on Traffic Exchanges, you have a very brief time for someone to capture the message you are trying to convey.  If you get too wordy, try and put in every single aspect of your business on that page – you’re going to loose your audience.  Use quick – short  lines of text “highlighting” your business.  A few words that you feel will grab their attention.

I hope this helps you in creating an eye-catching splash page that will draw visitors to your site!

Here to your Success!

Banners! Small Advertising with a Big Punch!

We’ve talked about the importance of a Good Splash Page and how with a few words and/or a picture you can drive enormous traffic to your business.

There is another nifty little advertising tool that will also bring needed traffic to your site. They are Banners! The normal banner size is 468 x 60 pixels and appear everywhere when you are surfing and checking out other advertisements. On some traffic exchanges, you need impressions which are similar to credits, in order for your banners to be shown. Other traffic exchanges Do Not require impressions. As long as you have an active site; meaning you have credits assigned to a splash page or your direct url, the banners will rotate.

When you are surfing, these clever little ads show up on top of or at the bottom of another ad/splash page that is being viewed.

This being said, banners can be a little tricky because you have very little space to get your message across and to capture someone’s eye. As we talked about in Splash Pages, you need a One-liner – Short and Sweet! I always have the name of my business first and foremost. Then encapsulate as much as I can in One Sentence!

Example: One of my Traffic Exchange sites is called Surfing Seagulls. I would therefore have the name of my site on the first line.

On the Second Line I might possibly have “Soaring Quality Traffic For You!” Or something like that.

Just keep in mind, you do not have a lot of room to play with!  You must be creative to catch people’s attention!

Read Ads in Magazines!
Look for those catchy little punch lines that will draw the viewers’ attention!

You can create a banner with a very simple background color and just use words if you wish, or you can incorporate an image within you ad. The image, obviously, should reflect your business and will be rather small – so be sure the image is: 1) Clear and 2) Visible.

Throwing in an image that is fuzzy, unfocused or washed out will only detract from your intent! Your intention is to Draw Someone’s Eye to Your Banner!

Here is a great places to get images:


Some banners are animated! If you are good at animation, go for it! Have fun! Be Clever! But, Do Not Overdo it!  If your banner is flashing too much, it could be  annoying to the viewer’s eye; you will sabotage your efforts!  Be careful with animation as these are small ads.

If you are Not animating, make sure your banner will Stand Out!

– Use a good color for the background.

– Add an Image that represents your business.

– Use a Clear, Legible Text!

You might also want to put a very thin, border around the entire banner. I have found that on some sites, if the background matches your banner’s background, it will get washed out. A small border also seems to give a little depth to the banner.

Posting Your Banners:

Unlike Splash Pages, when you post  banners for advertising, you need Two Urls:

The Target Url: This is the link that when the banner is clicked on, the site the viewer will be brought to.

The Image Url: This is the “Actual” Image of the banner and is stored in the cpanel of the site that the banner was created for:


Here are a few examples of simple banners:


The 125 x 125 Banner:

Many Advertising and Traffic Exchange  sites are now offering space on their sites for this type of banner. They are just a little larger and are usually placed  within a Marquee scrolling box or on the side of the site.  They are placed on the Front Page of a site or on the Members Page  – where they are viewed by all who stop in. This gives you a little added edge to your advertising avenues!

You can purchase these prime spaces for anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 and they run anywhere from a few weeks to a full month! Site Owners may vary in what they offer you for this kind of advertisement. So either check with the owners or look at their Advertising packages to find out what works for you.

Of course if you have your own website and are advertising multiple business opportunities, these banners are a great way to get your businesses seen by everyone who comes by your site!

125 x 125 Banners:


There are many softwares you can use to create a really nice banner. They are very easy to create and take very little time. If you do not have a software or you do not have a place to Host your banner, Easyhits4uTEtoolbox have everything you need to create and then host your images. and



I hope this article helped you in creating and using Banners for your advertising.

I welcome you to check out my pages of various Splash Pages and Banners that I have created for myself and others.

I wish you the very best with all your business endeavors!

skype me: ellen_thorp

email: ethorp4@gmail.com

A Good Splash Page Is Gold!!

A Good Splash Page Is Gold!!

I’d like to give you some free advise on driving traffic to your business, Effectually!   Many people differ in their conceptions of using a Splash Page to drive traffic to their businesses vs. a Direct Link to their business.

A Splash Page or Squeeze Page should be no more than 700 x 400 pixels.  They consist of a Few Short Lines advertising a business and can or not have an image to draw you in.

Ok, let’s talk about that. Here’s the scenario:

You are a member of a Traffic Exchange site.  You are surfing other people’s businesses to build credits to advertise Your business.  You are tearing through those ads like there is no tomorrow! After All – You Need Credits!

Are you going to stop and Read a Tome? A Very Long Description of Mary Smith’s Online Opportunity or are you going to just click to the next ad?

Are you going to take the time to Stop Surfing and go to Mary’s site to find out if her business is something you Might or Might Not be interested in, giving up valuable time that you need to surf?

The Answer to both of these situations is probably No!  Why?  You have no idea what Mary is offering and you just don’t have the time to go to her site, click on various tabs to find out what that business entails!

Understand one thing; the average timer on a Traffic Exchange site is anywhere from 10 to 14 seconds!  Can you grab someone’s attention and interest in that time with a very long description or a direct link to your business? No!

This is where a Splash Page is Worth It’s Weight in Gold!!

Using a Few Words, Having an Eye-catching Image can Stop a Surfer in Their Tracks!

Why?  Most of us are caught up in whatever we are doing at that given moment.  People can multi-task, but the human brain will “focus”  on One Thing At A Time!

That One Line: “I Dare You To Click Here! ”  “Do NOT Click on This!

Guess what just happened!  Your brain just altered it’s Focus  from Surfing For Credits to – Oh Wow!  We Are Curious Creatures by Nature.

That Image: An Adorable Puppy! A Beautiful Woman! A Gorgeous Scenic View of the Ocean. These all conjure feelings that matter to us, as individuals.

Images concoct emotions within a second!  You know the saying “A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words”.  It’s True!  How about that Cute Puppy!  Maybe his picture  tickles you, makes you want to reach out and pet his sweet head! Or maybe wish you could take him home with you!

The point is, the picture captured your attention!  You will probably read the short pin points of what this business is about and what it is offering to you!  Chances are, you Will click and check it out!

Look at some of the world’s most successful ads in magazines, on television and on the radio!  They are Short & Catchy! They leave a Tune, An Image or a Statement embedded in your Brain!

I saw an ad in a magazine a few years back.  The image was of gorgeous, long-flowing red hair!  I was sure this was an ad for a shampoo or a conditioner.  But Guess What! When I turned the page – it was an ad for Healthy Dog Food!  It was a picture of an Irish Setter!  Did it grab my attention? You Bet!!

How do you create a successful splash page?

You’re very first splash page is not going to rock the world.  Like anything else, you get better as you go along.  Here are a few things to consider:

1 – Find an Image

2 – Write Short and Catchy

3 – Have a Host to upload to

Find an image that represents your business.  There are many online sites that, for very low cost, will sell you Royalty Free photographs to use on your sites as well as on your splash pages.  Here’s a link to Dreamstime.  I use them quite often:


Just be sure that the photographer Does allow you to use their images!

That said, here comes the painful part! Writing something catchy! If you are clever with words, go ahead and jot down a few phrases, play with them to see what you think will work.

If you’re not, jot down some very pertinent, to the point opportunities that your business is offering.  Keep them Short and To The Point!

Use a good software to create your pages in.  I personally use Photoshop but there are many softwares out there.  If you just do not feel that you are very good on the creative end, there a people who will do this for you at very low cost reasonable pricing.

If you have a website, a traffic exchange or other business with a cpanel – you’re set to upload that splash page for your use!  If you don’t there are Free Splash Page Builders that will host your images for you:



Here are a few samples of Splash Pages:



Check out my splash page creations that are listed on my site here.

I hope this has been enlightening and will help you understand the Enormous Value that a Splash Page can offer You and Your Business!  I have created pages on my blog of various Splash pages that I have created for myself and others. Please look through them, you might see something you’d like.

I wish you the Very Best Success in All Your Endeavors!  Have a Wonderful Day!

skype me: ellen_thorp

email: ethorp4@gmail.com

Designing Your Imagination!

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