Splash Page and Banner Information

Please Note: The Splashes and Banners that I have listed are “Samples”, they are smaller than an actual splash page. If you are interested in an image that appears on any of these Samples, please email me.  I will let you know if they are available. Some Images are the property of someone else and/or are for personal use only.    Rest Assured, I have many images to choose from.

What is your Background?

I have been creating Splash Pages and Banners for my various sites and for other people’s sites for over 3 years now.  I have decided to put some of my work on my site for you to peruse and see if my work would be of interest to you.  I know some people just can’t get the quality they are looking for, doing it themselves. I am here to help you get the look you want!

Do I have to pay up front for your work?

I work with my customers on getting the look they want at an extremely reasonable price.  I Never Charge for my work until You are Happy with the Finished Product. I will work very closely with you and stay in communication. When I have completed a Splash Page and Banner, I will email them as a jpg, png or gif  to you for your review.  There will be a watermark on the pages sent for review. Upon purchase this mark will be removed and sent off to you.

How do I submit what I need for your work?

You will email this information to me.  I will need information on your business, your business type and any further information you can supply as to the image and theme you wish to convey.  If you have a link to your business, it would be nice if you sent that along so I can look at your site to get an idea of what you want.

Can I submit my own images?

Yes you can.  These also will be sent to me via my email.

If you have an image that you wish to use on your pages, please send it to me in a jpg, png or gif format.  If it needs to be taken out of a background, please be sure the background is relatively simple (not busy).  As these can sometimes be very difficult to remove.  Sometimes they just can’t be removed. If this happens,  I will let you know so you can go with an alternative image or use the image in it’s background. That will be your choice.  I welcome ClipArt and Photos.  Any Graphics you personally send to me, will be forwarded back to you upon completion of the splash pages and never be used on someone else’s pages!

I also do just text splashes and banners if this is what you need.

What if I don’t have Images?

If you need a specific type of image and I do not have one, I will find images for you and purchase the images. I will Never Charge You for this Service.  The Actual Image, however,  will remain with me.

I will need information on the “type” of image you are looking for and then go find them.  Please be specific, i.e. “I want an image of a full grown Golden Retriever”, “I want an image of business people in suits”, etc.

If you ever have any questions whatsoever – please feel free to email me. I will get back to you in a very timely manner.

What form of payment do you take?

At this time, I use Pay Pal for all purchases.  I will possibly be incorporating Alertpay in the very near future.

I have a shared site where I sell my items.  I do not have access to hosting or a cpanel.  Can you still help me out?

I sure can.  There are many places that folks sell their items at, i.e. eBay, Bonanza, etc. that do not give you the ability to load images into a cpanel.  This is not a problem.

I will host them on one of my sites for One Month Free, then for a very small fee thereafter of $2.00 a month.  Your splashes and banners will be loaded into one of my cpanels and hosted off from that site.  I will send you the url for the banners and then all you need to do is put this url in the banner image field, and your direct target url in the other.

**For splash pages, I will convert your splash pages into an html file.  What this means is I will embed your direct link into the design so people can click on it and go to your site.  I will send you the url from my cpanel for your splash page.

I will charge an extra $2.00 to convert your splash into an html and that’s it.

My Rates:

One Splash Page (700 x 400):
Two to Three Splash Pages:
$3.00 ea.
Four or More Splash Pages:
$2.00 ea.

**An Html Splash Page is $2.00 additional cost for each.

If you prefer just banners, I charge $2.00 per banner.

If you would like one 468 x 60 and one 125 x 125 I charge $2.75 for both

For a 185 x 100 banner, I charge $1.50 each

For Splash Pages without a hosting, I will make an html file for you and embed your link within the html splash page, as well as host for you you.  An html splash will cost an extra $2.00 each.

Hosting Rates: First Month Free, Every month thereafter – $2.00

Payment Options:

All Payments are Made through Pay Pal.  Upon completion of my work and you are happy with the finished product, I will send you my Pay Pal information.  Upon completion of payment, I will send you your finished product without any watermarks.

My Email:


You can also Skype me! ellen_thorp

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will enjoy my splashes and I welcome your comments!  Have a Wonderful Day!

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