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A Good Image Speaks Volumes!

I wanted to touch on images briefly.  I can not emphasize enough how very important it is to have a good quality image on your splash pages. A good image speaks volumes and you’d better believe it.

Poor Quality – Poor Impression

Have you ever looked around and seen really bad splash pages?  Images are blurred, out of focus or surrounded by so much busy that it goes totally unnoticed?  I have and it’s really too bad because it’s not necessary.  I saw a splash page the other day, the idea was wonderful!  the problem was, it was totally out of focus!  It did not give a great representation for the business.

You know the old adage – first impressions are everything!  Well, it’s true with splash pages as well.  If you have a really lousy image for whatever reason, people viewing this page are going to believe that you don’t really care very much about your business or your site.

Choosing an Image

When you are searching around for that perfect image to represent your business , it’s really easy to fall into some traps along the way.  You find an image that you feel is exactly what you are looking for, but there’s a big drawback – the image is very small!  So, you go into your imaging software and enlarge the image!  The problem is, this particular image was created to be small!  When you bring it beyond the pixels that it was intended for – your image is going to blur and blur in a big way.  Don’t use it – keep looking, you will find something else.  Just don’t sacrifice quality for something you just happen to like.

The Text Is Taking Over

Splash pages are seen for a very brief time.  As the majority of splash pages are used on Traffic Exchanges, you have a very brief time for someone to capture the message you are trying to convey.  If you get too wordy, try and put in every single aspect of your business on that page – you’re going to loose your audience.  Use quick – short  lines of text “highlighting” your business.  A few words that you feel will grab their attention.

I hope this helps you in creating an eye-catching splash page that will draw visitors to your site!

Here to your Success!

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