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Banners! Small Advertising with a Big Punch!

We’ve talked about the importance of a Good Splash Page and how with a few words and/or a picture you can drive enormous traffic to your business.

There is another nifty little advertising tool that will also bring needed traffic to your site. They are Banners! The normal banner size is 468 x 60 pixels and appear everywhere when you are surfing and checking out other advertisements. On some traffic exchanges, you need impressions which are similar to credits, in order for your banners to be shown. Other traffic exchanges Do Not require impressions. As long as you have an active site; meaning you have credits assigned to a splash page or your direct url, the banners will rotate.

When you are surfing, these clever little ads show up on top of or at the bottom of another ad/splash page that is being viewed.

This being said, banners can be a little tricky because you have very little space to get your message across and to capture someone’s eye. As we talked about in Splash Pages, you need a One-liner – Short and Sweet! I always have the name of my business first and foremost. Then encapsulate as much as I can in One Sentence!

Example: One of my Traffic Exchange sites is called Surfing Seagulls. I would therefore have the name of my site on the first line.

On the Second Line I might possibly have “Soaring Quality Traffic For You!” Or something like that.

Just keep in mind, you do not have a lot of room to play with!  You must be creative to catch people’s attention!

Read Ads in Magazines!
Look for those catchy little punch lines that will draw the viewers’ attention!

You can create a banner with a very simple background color and just use words if you wish, or you can incorporate an image within you ad. The image, obviously, should reflect your business and will be rather small – so be sure the image is: 1) Clear and 2) Visible.

Throwing in an image that is fuzzy, unfocused or washed out will only detract from your intent! Your intention is to Draw Someone’s Eye to Your Banner!

Here is a great places to get images:


Some banners are animated! If you are good at animation, go for it! Have fun! Be Clever! But, Do Not Overdo it!  If your banner is flashing too much, it could be  annoying to the viewer’s eye; you will sabotage your efforts!  Be careful with animation as these are small ads.

If you are Not animating, make sure your banner will Stand Out!

– Use a good color for the background.

– Add an Image that represents your business.

– Use a Clear, Legible Text!

You might also want to put a very thin, border around the entire banner. I have found that on some sites, if the background matches your banner’s background, it will get washed out. A small border also seems to give a little depth to the banner.

Posting Your Banners:

Unlike Splash Pages, when you post  banners for advertising, you need Two Urls:

The Target Url: This is the link that when the banner is clicked on, the site the viewer will be brought to.

The Image Url: This is the “Actual” Image of the banner and is stored in the cpanel of the site that the banner was created for:


Here are a few examples of simple banners:


The 125 x 125 Banner:

Many Advertising and Traffic Exchange  sites are now offering space on their sites for this type of banner. They are just a little larger and are usually placed  within a Marquee scrolling box or on the side of the site.  They are placed on the Front Page of a site or on the Members Page  – where they are viewed by all who stop in. This gives you a little added edge to your advertising avenues!

You can purchase these prime spaces for anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 and they run anywhere from a few weeks to a full month! Site Owners may vary in what they offer you for this kind of advertisement. So either check with the owners or look at their Advertising packages to find out what works for you.

Of course if you have your own website and are advertising multiple business opportunities, these banners are a great way to get your businesses seen by everyone who comes by your site!

125 x 125 Banners:


There are many softwares you can use to create a really nice banner. They are very easy to create and take very little time. If you do not have a software or you do not have a place to Host your banner, Easyhits4uTEtoolbox have everything you need to create and then host your images. and



I hope this article helped you in creating and using Banners for your advertising.

I welcome you to check out my pages of various Splash Pages and Banners that I have created for myself and others.

I wish you the very best with all your business endeavors!

skype me: ellen_thorp

email: ethorp4@gmail.com

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