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A Good Splash Page Is Gold!!

A Good Splash Page Is Gold!!

I’d like to give you some free advise on driving traffic to your business, Effectually!   Many people differ in their conceptions of using a Splash Page to drive traffic to their businesses vs. a Direct Link to their business.

A Splash Page or Squeeze Page should be no more than 700 x 400 pixels.  They consist of a Few Short Lines advertising a business and can or not have an image to draw you in.

Ok, let’s talk about that. Here’s the scenario:

You are a member of a Traffic Exchange site.  You are surfing other people’s businesses to build credits to advertise Your business.  You are tearing through those ads like there is no tomorrow! After All – You Need Credits!

Are you going to stop and Read a Tome? A Very Long Description of Mary Smith’s Online Opportunity or are you going to just click to the next ad?

Are you going to take the time to Stop Surfing and go to Mary’s site to find out if her business is something you Might or Might Not be interested in, giving up valuable time that you need to surf?

The Answer to both of these situations is probably No!  Why?  You have no idea what Mary is offering and you just don’t have the time to go to her site, click on various tabs to find out what that business entails!

Understand one thing; the average timer on a Traffic Exchange site is anywhere from 10 to 14 seconds!  Can you grab someone’s attention and interest in that time with a very long description or a direct link to your business? No!

This is where a Splash Page is Worth It’s Weight in Gold!!

Using a Few Words, Having an Eye-catching Image can Stop a Surfer in Their Tracks!

Why?  Most of us are caught up in whatever we are doing at that given moment.  People can multi-task, but the human brain will “focus”  on One Thing At A Time!

That One Line: “I Dare You To Click Here! ”  “Do NOT Click on This!

Guess what just happened!  Your brain just altered it’s Focus  from Surfing For Credits to – Oh Wow!  We Are Curious Creatures by Nature.

That Image: An Adorable Puppy! A Beautiful Woman! A Gorgeous Scenic View of the Ocean. These all conjure feelings that matter to us, as individuals.

Images concoct emotions within a second!  You know the saying “A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words”.  It’s True!  How about that Cute Puppy!  Maybe his picture  tickles you, makes you want to reach out and pet his sweet head! Or maybe wish you could take him home with you!

The point is, the picture captured your attention!  You will probably read the short pin points of what this business is about and what it is offering to you!  Chances are, you Will click and check it out!

Look at some of the world’s most successful ads in magazines, on television and on the radio!  They are Short & Catchy! They leave a Tune, An Image or a Statement embedded in your Brain!

I saw an ad in a magazine a few years back.  The image was of gorgeous, long-flowing red hair!  I was sure this was an ad for a shampoo or a conditioner.  But Guess What! When I turned the page – it was an ad for Healthy Dog Food!  It was a picture of an Irish Setter!  Did it grab my attention? You Bet!!

How do you create a successful splash page?

You’re very first splash page is not going to rock the world.  Like anything else, you get better as you go along.  Here are a few things to consider:

1 – Find an Image

2 – Write Short and Catchy

3 – Have a Host to upload to

Find an image that represents your business.  There are many online sites that, for very low cost, will sell you Royalty Free photographs to use on your sites as well as on your splash pages.  Here’s a link to Dreamstime.  I use them quite often:


Just be sure that the photographer Does allow you to use their images!

That said, here comes the painful part! Writing something catchy! If you are clever with words, go ahead and jot down a few phrases, play with them to see what you think will work.

If you’re not, jot down some very pertinent, to the point opportunities that your business is offering.  Keep them Short and To The Point!

Use a good software to create your pages in.  I personally use Photoshop but there are many softwares out there.  If you just do not feel that you are very good on the creative end, there a people who will do this for you at very low cost reasonable pricing.

If you have a website, a traffic exchange or other business with a cpanel – you’re set to upload that splash page for your use!  If you don’t there are Free Splash Page Builders that will host your images for you:



Here are a few samples of Splash Pages:



Check out my splash page creations that are listed on my site here.

I hope this has been enlightening and will help you understand the Enormous Value that a Splash Page can offer You and Your Business!  I have created pages on my blog of various Splash pages that I have created for myself and others. Please look through them, you might see something you’d like.

I wish you the Very Best Success in All Your Endeavors!  Have a Wonderful Day!

skype me: ellen_thorp

email: ethorp4@gmail.com

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